Bolivia – Travel Destination Tips on Where to Go

When in Sucre cheesy as the ‘dino mobile’ looks a trip to the dinosaur footprints will exceed your expectations.  The cost of a visit is cheap and the prints are extensive – it’s just such a shame & quite unbelievable that such a treasure is still part of a working quarry.  The prints scale a sheer rock face which shakes with dynamite explosions from the base even as you watch – let’s hope that UNESCO win their battle and these footprints are preserved for future generations.Do not miss the world wonder which is the salt flats of Uyuni.  There are 2 choices of trip – either a 1 day trip out to the salt flats & back or a 3 day trip across the salt flats and on in to San Pedro De Atacama – Chile.  If Chile is on your travel path then this is probably the best trip to take as you will see all the attractions of the salt flats along with the red & green lagoons & flamingos.  The 1 day trip will however cover the salt flats element and from Uyuni you can get an overnight train down to the border with Argentina.  These trains do not leave every day though so worth checking before you arrive to avoid a prolonged stay in Uyuni.  Once in Uyuni every shop is a travel agent and trying to choose who to go with blows your mind – all offer pretty much the same thing the decider needs to be how good their English is and the state of their vehicles.  All operators have books with reviews from previous travellers so have a read of these before you decide. La Paz is the unofficial capital of Bolivia and  the biggest city at high altitude in the world.  It´s a fascinating city, full of markets .. including the notorious witches market where Bolivians buy llama foetuses which hang in the doorways of all the shops – they´re believed to bring good luck if placed in the foundations of a building. For all those that have read ´Marching powder´ – yes the prison is still there but unfortunately when we were there nosy backpackers were no longer permitted access (although in Bolivia money talks so if you’re feeling brave it could be worth a try!).

Traveling With Backpacks

You have just booked tickets for your next grand adventure and you are looking forward to it. However, here comes the hard part – having to pack for your holiday.A lot of times in the past, you might have a great holiday turn sour just because you did not have the suitable backpack handy. You might scoff but having the appropriate backpacks for traveling is really essential for you to enjoy the full experience while on holiday.Many people tend to overlook this factor and thus, many people find their enjoyment falling short. You can actually do something about it by ensuring that you invest in suitable backpacks for traveling.Before you rush out to the nearest store to purchase any backpack, you need to sit down and consider a few different factors. After all, this is a very important decision to make and you really do not want to make the wrong choice.For starters, you need to ensure that your backpacks for traveling is proportionate to your height. If your backpack is either too big or too small, it could lead to discomfort and that is something you want to avoid when walking around your holiday destination while soaking in the sights.A general rule of thumb when buying backpacks for traveling would be to purchase one suits your body size and can absorb at least 30 pounds in it. Do consider weighing the backpack first before buying because some might be made of sturdy material which lends a lot of additional weight to the backpack. Also, it is highly imperative that you get a backpack which has a waist strap as that would help you distribute the weight of your bag from the shoulders to the hips.Another consideration you might want to make when purchasing backpacks for traveling would be whether it is waterproof. This is particularly important if you are purchasing backpacks with speakers. Nowadays, most backpacks now come waterproof and that makes it easier for you to carry your stuff around even if there is heavy rain. Of course, when push comes to shove, you could always cover your bag with garbage bags or other plastic material you can find while on holiday but really, don’t you think it is a lot easier to purchase one which comes waterproof?This really saves you the hassle and the burden of worrying about your things getting wet. Also, you should ideally set aside a budget for purchasing your backpacks for traveling. You can get some at cheaper prices while some are really exorbitant.However, always remember that just because it is expensive doesn’t mean that it is better than others. You just need to keep in mind why you are purchasing the backpack in the first place and go from there. If possible, do more research first before making your final decision.In a nutshell, purchasing backpacks for traveling might be a tedious task but it is a very essential step in making your holiday an enjoyable one. With the proper information and a guideline, finding a backpack that suits you best should be relatively easy!

Various Types of Backpacks

A backpack is probably the most versatile and use item that everyone owns. Everyone needs a backpack, no matter what the purpose may be. Backpacks are easy to carry around, they’re useful because you can fit a lot of stuff into them, and most importantly, they are made of some pretty sturdy material so they can carry hold quite a bit of weight in them. Whether you call it a backpack rucksack, or a knapsack, there is no denying that a backpack is probably one of the most useful items you are going to have in your possession.Because backpacks are so useful and versatile and have been around for such a long time, you are going to find a variety of options for you to choose from. Because like pretty much any item that has been around for a long time, the backpack has been modified and improved in different versions and varieties to suit the needs of people today. Because our needs are so diverse, and each person may need a backpack for one reason or another, so too have the backpacks of today become diverse to better match our needs.The first type of backpack is probably one of the most basic types of backpacks around – the simple backpacks that are used by students all over the world. Although they also go by the name of schoolbags or bookbags, there is no denying that just about every student you see is going to be toting around one of these backpacks. They are useful for keeping their school items, books and just about anything else they may need in there. Everyone from grade school, high school and right up to university is going to be using one of these, and this is probably one of the most popular type of backpack around.The second example of the backpacks are the backpacks which are used to carrying around certain items. These backpacks are much more durable and are more specifically designed than the ones used by school students and usually, they are built to carry around items like laptops. These backpacks usually come with extra features like a padded interior for example, because they are used to carrying out specific items.The third type of backpack is also rather common, and frequent travelers especially are going to be used to seeing it – the backpacks for travelers. Tourists and travelers travelling to other places for a period of time are frequently seen carrying this type of backpack around. They are built much bigger than your ordinary average backpack because they are meant to fit a lot more items in them, hence they are used for travelling. They also come with thicker straps so they can be easily carried around, and they are able to hold a heavier load because of the material they are made of.Then there are also the backpacks for outdoor activities, which are designed for backpacking and outdoor activities, backpacks for more professional use like those used in the military, and plenty of other backpacks options out there for you to select based on your needs.