Choosing A Good Backpack

Travel Gear Tips – BackpacksFor any sort of serious travel it’s always a great idea to have a backpack. One travel gear tip to do with backpacks over any other form of container is that it lets you keep your hands free. It also shifts the weight of your burden to a part of your body that is better at dealing with it, rather than stressing one hand or switching hands all day long.DaypacksOne of the most common types of backpacks is a daypack. This is a small pack with just one big container and perhaps a couple of pockets on the outside. Many of the good ones also have a small fishnet holder for water bottles. These packs are usually very light and small, designed for taking a couple of necessary things with you during the day.If you’re using it in an urban setting, then you will want to put the things in it that you need for the day, such as your lunch, your camera and your travel documents. Make sure you get one that has some safety features, such as a small chain that lets you attach the zipper to your belt as a deterrent to pickpockets in some countries.More travel gear tips include using a daypack in a rugged setting. You may have some extra items in there this time such as a change of socks in case you get wet or a clean t-shirt in case you sweat too much in the one you’re wearing. Also keep an empty plastic bag or two in there in case you do need to change wet clothing.Medium sized backpacksThese are slightly bigger and can take more items. There are special ones designed for carrying laptops as well as ones with two or more containers to hold things. These may have a fishnet holder at the front of the pack for items such as maps.They can be used in both urban and wilderness settings as well, but of course you can carry more in them. In an urban setting they can be used to transport books if you’re taking a class and in a wilderness setting you can put your camera in there when you need your hands free. You can also carry a set of binoculars, a GPS and various other electronic devices you may need but not on you at all times.Multi day backpacksThese backpacks are very large and usually have an aluminum frame built into the back. They are designed for carrying large loads such as camping gear and extra clothing and shoes for multi day treks across wilderness areas.These kind of backpacks have many pockets on the front, back and sides. They often also have separate compartments in the large container area as well that can be separated by waterproof lining. They are most often used by hikers who are taking very long routes, such as the West Highland Way in Scotland.Another travel gear tip is that these large backpacks are not very practical at all for urban settings.